The trade name of Kyoto Kimono Center “Takeda-ya” has the roots “Takeda castle” in Hyogo prefecture Asago.  It is a venerable trade name with a history of 300 years. Takeda castle, built on the summit, is a fortress which was built in the Middle Ages. This castle has the traditional castle style in Middle Ages. A historic castle in Japan.



  • furisode

  • uchikake

  • yukata

  • gofuku


■The nickname of Takeda castle “Castle in the sky”  
Range of Takeda castle, north to south about 400 meters and east to west about 100 meters. The largest Yamajiro(a castle built on a mountain) of existing ones today.  Takeda castle has two nickname. One is “Tora-husu (lying tiger) castle”. Because it looks like tiger lies down. But another one “castle in the sky” is more famous.    Located at the top of mountain and often tobe hazy by the river fog, it is the source of this famous nickname.

■Materials for the genealogy of “Takeda-ya”
 After Yamana Sozen(he is a famous feudal load in Middle Ages) buit Takeda castle, various commanders were appointed to be the lord op this castle.  The last lord of this castle, Akamatsu Hirohide was attacked by the army of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Shogun(the monarch in past Japan) in Edo era(1603- 1867), and took his life by own blade(1600).  His son escaped to northern Kyoto. President of our company is a descendent of him. In addition, our trade name “Takeda-ya”, it is venerable that to have continued from Bunka-Nennkann(mid Edo era, 1804-1818).  In the figures, you can see the document and scroll that to be written abput genealogy and ancestors of our president.  The first is Akamatsu Hirohide. By the time of the fifth(about 1804-1818) the trade name “Takeda-ya”, having aroots Takeda castle, was started to use.

■“Gion-Mutsuri” One of the most famous festival in Japan
 In Kyoto July people are intoxicated with Gion Festival, one of a three biggest festival in Japan. In this festival, you can see so many “Yama-Hoko”(large size portable schrines) appear aroud the city.  At that time, our company has a sale in front of Minamikannon-Yama every years.  Minamikannon-Yama, to be nearly related to our company, is decorated by gorgeous lanterns and illuminated graceful. In addition, a curious event “Abare-Kannon” takes place on this Yama. It is an event that the image of Buddha called “Yoryu-Kannon”, the principal image of Minamikannon-Yama, is coiled and shaked. Then something like a mystic atomosphere there.


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